Top 4 Reasons to Vote for Megan Gilman

  1. Local, small-business owner with proven leadership skills.
  2. Experience working one-on-one with homeowners, business owners
    and tenants to reduce energy usage and save money.
  3. Understands the needs and opportunities of Holy Cross members.
  4. Will encourage programs and incentives to promote efficient upgrades
    and boost job growth.

I know electric utility elections seem pretty mundane and unimportant, but I promise you – this actually matters.  Believe it or not, just seven people throughout all of Holy Cross make the important decisions that involve the costs, programs, reliability, and future of your electricity service.  It is very important that the Board include people with in-depth knowledge about the needs and usage patterns of the members and have a firm grasp of how to pave a well-informed path forward – keeping our electricity reliable, affordable and clean.  You need someone on the Board who understands how you use energy and will be a strong, reasonable advocate for both financial and environmental responsibility.

So, when you get your ballot in the mail, I hope you will take the time to give me your support.

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